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Empowering software companies with world-class tech talents from Ukraine

Extend your team on-demand, or shrink as needed. We make scaling simple.

High motivation and hard work as a culture 300k+ of tech talents Spirit of achievements Optimal tax base and labor cost European mentality IT profession as a mainstream

Scale more effectively

UA Tech People onboard quickly and look for ways to add immediate impact to your product and delivery processes.

How does it work?

1 Understand your project and talent needs
2 Headhunt, screen, and submit suitable talents for your review
3 Interview preferred talents and pick the best ones
4 Define requirements and control the development process
5 Focus on your product and business
6 Take care of talent's administration
7 Care about professional growth and welfare
8 Track performance

Dedicated team roles we provide

UA Tech People onboard quickly and look for ways to add immediate impact to your.

Software Developers
UI/UX Designers
Data analysts
Data scientists
Data engineers
Tech Leads
QA / Testers
Product Manager
Project manager

Optimize your development costs and eliminate recruiting overheads. Guaranteed.

Thoroughly prescreened top-class dedicated tech professionals
Zero recruitment fees and overheads
Costless talent replacement
Effortless team scaling
Tax optimization
HR cost optimization
Legal processing optimization
Flexible and scalable contract
A dedicated manager from the first day
No long-term employee commitments

Focus on business and product, not people management

What we cover

Recruitment & Team scaling
HR management as dedicated People Partner
Health insurance
Conferences and skill growth
Performance Review procedures
Personal Development Planning
Supervision by Senior specialists
Co-working space or home office facilities
English courses
Vacations and paid days-off
Taxes & fees

We carefully examine anyone who wants to join our team. This includes a thorough evaluation of soft skills, communication capabilities as well as technical expertise.

Our pre-screening team consists of proven hands-on domain experts which allows us to qualify every candidate in advance and eliminate any irrelevant interviews.

We value our client's time as much as our own.

We're in it for a long game

As opposed to the agency build-and-leave approach, we become a part of your team and continuously contribute to your product evolution.

we excel at

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node js
react js
react native
App development
craft cms
Google Cloud
Amazon AWS

Always active. Never silent

We train our talents to be experts in remote work communication.
Detailed progress updates, availability, and discipline is in our DNA.
We know trust is built through both consistent actions and constant communication.
That's why we thoroughly work through our remote communication standards and track its observance.

Why Ukraine?

300k+ of tech talents High motivation and hard work as a culture Spirit of achievements European mentality IT profession as a mainstream Optimal tax base and labor cost High level of English penetration

We don't need charity.
We need work.

Today our country is going through the hardest times in its history. As a company we do whatever it takes to provide safety and security to our talents and their families and keep the work processes of our clients uninterrupted.

Now more than ever, we need productive international cooperation to relaunch and strengthen the Ukrainian economy.

The Ukrainian tech community is famous for our hard-work approach, an extraordinary level of tech expertise, and the highest level of tech products we have built for our partners and own country.

Let's build the products that make our common future bright together!